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Dear Parents/Carers,

If your child should find themselves having to isolate due to COVID-19 but they are well enough to work, please find some activities below for them to keep with their class.

We would suggest one Maths activity, one Literacy activity and one other subject area activity each day where possible. There are links and activities on this page to support their learning.

Thank you for your ongoing support from home.

Kind regards,

Mrs Pearson, Miss Carter, Mrs Straughan and Miss Pudney


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Super star work!!!! Stars of the week will be announced in the fortnightly newsletter from Mrs Khine.

This half term our topic is 'Or Local Area'.  You should have received a copy of the curriculum overview, a homework grid and book and spellings to practise at home. 

For the last two weeks we have been looking at the story Red Riding Hood.  Read through the story and then work through the tasks on the slides.  There are some words to help included in the documents..

 day 4 resources for books.pubDownload
 day 5 resources for books.pubDownload
 day 6 resources for books H.A.pubDownload
 day 7 - plan for writing.docxDownload
 h.a day 2 resources for books.pubDownload
 h.a day 3 resources for books.pubDownload
 m.a resources for book day 6.docxDownload
 sorting characters for good and bad.pdfDownload
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Practise these Year 1 and 2 spellings, if you know them all can your write them into different sentences? Try painting them, making them out of stones, hiding them around the house, sticking them on post it notes to read around the house. Find them in your reading books.  How creative can you be?

Use this teaching video to help your child compare numbers.

Use this teaching video to help your child order numbers.

Use this teaching video to help your child use a place value chart.

The Year 2 Maths Document below contains practical ideas and activities for you to do with your child.

 order numbers.pdfDownload
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 HA PV mastery.docxDownload
 placing numbers on a number line mastery.pdfDownload
 placing numbers on a number line y1 LA.pdfDownload
 placing numbers on a number line.pdfDownload
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There are lots of online songs to help with learning the times tables. Children in year 2 need to learn their 2 times tables, 5 times tables and 10 times tables. It would be helpful if they could also learn their three times table and count in threes.

We are looking at Rules and Responsibilities this term.  Think about any rules you have about the house.  Write them down in a list and think about why we have rules.  Look at the PowerPoint about belonging to a group.  Create your own shield to show you belong to this group.  Think of the rules you have for this group, are they the same as you have at home or different?

 my badge - pshe 13th.pdfDownload
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In Science this half term we are learning about materials and their properties. We will ensure we are using the correct scientific vocabulary to label and describe these materials.



Task: Look around your house at different items. Can you write a list of what materials these items are made from e.g.:

Coffee table - wood

Window - glass


Challenge: Can you write a reason why you thing that item is made from that specific material?

Example: Windows are made from glass because glass doesn't break easily and it is transparent.


In Geography this half term we are looking at the local area of Brightlingsea. We will identify the key landmarks in Brightlingsea such as Bateman's Tower and the Lido. We will be creating our own maps including a key and enhancing our map reading skills.

Task: Look at the treasure map below. Can you create your own treasure map. Make sure you include a key and a compass so that the pirates know which direction to go. 

Challenge: Can you write or tell someone directions from a place on your map to the treasure e.g. First head South past the cruise ship, next turn East towards the Sandy Cove. 

This term we are looking at printing.  An artist that uses printing is Andy Warhol.  Look at the PowerPoint and then write some facts you have learnt. Try to recreate one of his famous paintings and repeat the images through drawing and colouring.  Is it easy to recreate? Do you think it might be easier to repeat by printing?Enter text...



Enter text...

Extra! Extra! If you want some more work to do have a look at these.  Vocabulary ninja helps you to increase your vocabulary.  Practise putting the different words into sentences.

Once Upon a time is a great activity for our Vipers especially interpret.  Choose a picture and answer the questions about it.


Listen to the Continent songs.  Can you learn one of them and film it and send it to your teacher to listen to.  



Year 2 Useful Websites:




Borrow Box app - free app to download with an Essex library card

Phonics Play -This site is offering a free login for everyone during this period.  It includes games and resources that your child will enjoy



P.E. username: password: brightling