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Here are this week's learning activities if you find yourself having to isolate at home. 

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Year 3 Team


Samphire Class - Mr Ratcliffe

Sandpiper Class - Mrs Mansfield

Sailors Class - Miss Fares

English Week beginning 6.12.21

Monday 6.12.21

 Monday 6th - Examples of stories and poems with rhyming couplets.pdfDownload
 Monday 6th My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson - Poem Print-Out.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 7.12.21

 Tuesday 7th - change well known nursery rhymes.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 8th.12.21

 Wednesday 8th - improve the poems - this is not a rhyming couplet.pdf1.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 8th - improve the poems - this is not a rhyming couplet.pdf2.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 8th - improve the poems - this is not a rhyming couplet.pdf4.pdfDownload
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Thursday 9th.12.21

 Thursday 9th - Rhyming word lists t3-s-167-onset-and-rime-word-list-word-cards- (1).pdfDownload
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Friday 10th.12.21


Today we're focussing on subtracting.

Were going to use a number line and partitioning. This strategy works well when you’re subtracting a 1 digit number from a 2 digit or 3 digit number and you have to bridge 10 or 100.

Below shows you how you can solve a subtraction by jumping back to the next 10.

305 - 7 =

Start at 305. Subtract 5 to get you back to 300. You then have 2 more to subtract so that you've subtracted 7 altogether.

They the subtractions below.

 Subtraction using a number line.pdfDownload
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Today we are back to learning about multiplication. We will be practising multiplying a 1 digit number by a 2 digit number.

Use column method to solve the multiplications below.

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More multiplication of 1 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers today.

 1 chilli multiplying by 2 digit numbers.pdfDownload
 2 chilli - multiplying 1 digit by 2 digits.pdfDownload
 3 chilli - Multiplying 1 digit x 2 digit.pdfDownload
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Today we will be partitioning numbers. This will help with our division of larger 2 digit numbers.

Partitioning numbers means chopping them into parts. We often patron numbers into 10s and 1s, but numbers can be partitioned in many different ways.

 Chilli challenges - partitioning in different ways.pdfDownload
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 Today we are going to be doing some division with larger 2 digit numbers.

 Whiterose division with reasoning.pdfDownload
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This half term our Science topic is Light and Shadow. Your task is to create a mind map detailing everything that you already know about this topic. Once completed, think of a question about light and shadow that you would like to find out the answer to. Finally, look around your house. How many sources of light can you find? 

Computing: This term we are learning how to stay safe on line. We are learning the acronym SMART. Each letter stands for a different aspect of staying safe online. This week we are working on the T, which stands for Tell. Watch the video and answer the questions raised.

Real PE

Log on and practise your skills today.  Don't forget to record your progress.

Weekly Homework - Autumn 2

Termly Overview - Autumn 2

Times Table Practise 

Don't forget to practise your times tables!

Times Tables Rock Stars (  


Don't forget to read everyday and fill in your reading rocket each time you read.