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If your child should find themselves having to isolate due to COVID-19 but they are well enough to work, please find below a series of resources that they can use to support their learning.

We would suggest one Maths activity, one Literacy activity and one other subject area activity each day where possible.

Thank you for your ongoing support from home.

Here are the suggested home learning packs for during isolation:


This week we are looking at biographies and linking this to the story of Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women in the Space Race. 

Find out about Katherine Johnson using the video on the slides and then have a go at writing her biography. Use the slides to know how to chunk the work into sections to do the best possible biography.  

Remember your success criteria: past tense, third person, pronouns to avoid repetition, fronted adverbials to aid cohesion, paragraphs. 

You could also have a go at the reading comprehension tasks. There are three different levels - one star is the easiest and three star is the hardest! You can check your work at the end using the answers. 

 Week 2 for website.pdfDownload
 Hidden Figures Reading Comprehension.pdfDownload
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This week in maths we will be continuing our work on place value by introducing negative number and Roman numerals. There are the learning slides from our lessons that you can look through and have a go at some of the questions. There are also worksheets and booklets for each day which are all uploaded and listed below: 

 Monday Negative Numbers worksheet.pdfDownload
 Thursday Roman Numerals up to 1000.pdfDownload
 Tuesdays Negative Numbers Worksheets.pdfDownload
 Wednesday Challenge Cards.pdfDownload
 Wednesday Roman Numerals up to 100.pdfDownload
 Week 3 Maths.pdfDownload
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This week in our topic work we'll be learning about the relative sizes of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Use the slides to help you predict and then record the relative sizes of them. 

Our topic homework grid will also support your learning about space. 

 Sizes of Sun, Earth, Moon worksheet.pdfDownload
 Sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon..pdfDownload
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 Times Table Games.pdfDownload
 Year 5 - Independent Maths & English Work Booklet 1.pdfDownload
 Year 5 - Independent Maths & English Work Booklet 2.pdfDownload
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 Times table games.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Independent Maths & English Work Booklet 1.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Independent Maths & English Work Booklet 2.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Spring-Themed Maths Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
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OAK National Academy resources are available to support your child at home. You will find resources for all areas of the curriculum here:

Literacy Activities. Choose a picture, answer the questions about it and complete one of the other activities.


Spelling Practise

Below is a large pdf file which you can view and practise the year 5 and 6 spellings. Each word has a slide of it's own with definitions and examples of the word being used in a sentence. Maybe try a word a day!

 Year 5 & Year 6 Statutory Spellings Word of the Day.pdfDownload
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You can register for free and access maths resources designed to support home learning here:

Why not try some of these well-being activities.

If you are finding some of the year group activities challenging but still want to be learning, check out this website. The science and outdoor activities are practical and look lots of fun.

Reading Tube Maps

If you're not sure which book to choose to read next, take a look at these reading tube maps for inspiration!

 Reading tube maps.pdfDownload
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This might be helpful!


The following files are videos designed to inform parents and carers about particular areas of the Year 4 GPS curriculum which were not delivered due to the school closure. This has created gaps which we are striving to cover in school but wanted to inform you of so that you can support your child at home with these where possible. Thank you!

 Embedded clauses - drop-in.mp4Download
 Sentences with three actions.mp4Download
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