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Welcome to the Year 1 class page
Welcome back!

Welcome back to school, it has been really nice getting to know all of the new children who have joined us in Year 1.  On this year group website you will find activities to do with your child in case you need to take time away from school.  These activities will be updated weekly and allow you to support your child to continue their learning at home.

The Government have provided online lessons for all children via the Oak National Academy.  The link can be found below and each day there is a schedule for one maths lesson, one english lesson and one foundation subject lesson. Feel free to have a look;

Year 1 staff

Please find below the contact details for the Year 1 teaching staff.  We also highly recommend that you sign up to the Class Dojo app to keep up to date with the learning within the class. Please do get in touch with your child's teacher if you are unable to access the app.


Email addresses

Please find below our school email addresses, to make it easier for you to keep in contact via email.

1RB – Mrs. Redfearn

1RB - Mrs. Barry

1P -  Mrs. Pedder

1CH – Mrs. Cutts

1CH - Mrs Hubbard


 Kind regards, The Year One team.



  • Look at the map of the United Kingdom, can you find the countries which are part of the United Kingdom? 
  • Look at the flag for the United Kingdom? Why are there different colours on the flag? 
Science - Seasons


In science this term we are focusing on seasons. We introduce the four UK seasons and begin to consider and observe seasonal changes.  This is revisited again in the winter, spring and summer.  The children learn to describe the weather commonly associated with each season and how to take measurements, gather and record weather data.  We also look at plant and animal activity relating to different times of the year. 

Below are a catchy seasons song, a video and a time lapse film.  These will support children in learning the order of the seasons and what occurs at different times of the year.  Please help your child to look closely at the film and encourage them to describe and discuss what they have noticed.   Observation and discussion are important scientific skills and we need to encourage children to talk about what they see, hear and think, free from the expectation that there is always a right and wrong answer.


If you are unable to get out and about to observe trees watch the film below which shows the changes an oak tree undergoes throughout the year.

After you an talk about what has been observed.  Then draw 4 simple trees to show the trees changing shape, leaf colour and seeds during the 4 seasons. 

Discuss today's weather with your child and talk about what clothing is suitable for the conditions outside.  Compare this to how you might dress during a visit to beach on a hot summers day.  You may like to talk about sunglasses protecting our eyes, sun lotion protecting out skin from sun damage.  You can extend the discussion to other weather and why we need different clothing: ie to keep us warm, cool, dry etc.,  The Video below supports this discussion

Now draw a picture of yourself and your family dressed for different weather.  Can you talk about what season this weather might be related to?  It is worth noting that in the UK we have lots of different weather in each season.  ...

Use the power point below to introduce hibernation to your child.  You can discuss the different animals and where you might find them in, perhaps in a park or garden.  You may like to create an area in your garden, or in a family members garden, that would be attractive to a hibernating animal.  There is also a sorting activity, if you don't wish to print it off you could draw animals, or use small world figures to sort those that hibernate from those who do not. 

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To finish this block of science you can access bbc bitesize - What are the Seasons - then watch a short animation and play a simple interactive game to recap and refresh your child's knowledge of the seasons. ... sorry we were unable to provide a direct link the page.  

If you would like further activities to stimulate discussion about the season and weather, select from these

  • talk about family birthdays and celebrations, together name the season they take place in.  
  • draw pictures or create a collage to represent each or a favourite season
  • collages can include pictures cut out from magazines and catalogues, seasonal colours, natural resources collected from a garden or park and photos of family members or celebration times.
  • keep a simple weather diary for a week, try to include morning, afternoon and evening weather.

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..Reading Corner..Spellings..Phonics Factory.. 

Here you will find links to books related to our topic and also websites which provide free e-books for your child to read.

Weekly Topic - Meerkat Mail

If you or your child are missing the school books which are colour coded..log onto the Oxford Owl website below and register with a FREE parent account.  You can then browse their bookshelves for a variety of reading books.

Website Links:

Amazon Audible are offering families access to stream stories, in 6 different languages, for free whilst schools are closed.  Please follow the link below;

Oxford Owl are providing free books in the e-book library 

Story Nory are providing free fairy tales to read 



Here is a word mat for children in Year 1 and Year 2.  It is really important that children are able to read and spell the words below.  You can make spelling and reading of these words into a game, for example; write them on a post it note and play a word hunt around the garden, stick them on a wall and slap the word called out etc.


If you read Pink or Red books choose:

The words from the list above in the first and second columns in the Year 1 section.


If you read Yellow and Blue books choose:

 The words from the list above in the first, second and third columns in the Year 1 section.

If you read Green, Orange, Turquoise or Purple books choose:

The words from the list above in the first, second, third and fourth columns in the Year 1 and Year 2 section.


Learn the spelling songs below to help your child in a fun way.

Phase 2 tricky word song

Phase 3 tricky word song

Phase 4 Tricky word songs

In Year 1 we match your child's school reading books to the phonic phase level they are learning.  Please find the colour of your child's books below to see what activity they should be working on.

Phonic lessons available now!

If you would like to watch daily phonic lessons, please click the link below and you will be taken to the 'Letters and Sounds for Home and School' Youtube page.


Find the sounds which your child is working on and learn a new sound each day,

as well as recapping previously known sounds.

This website below has some wonderful games and free access is available using the following username and password:

Username: march20
Password: home



 If you read Pink and Red books please keep practising the phase 2 sounds.

If you read Yellow and Blue books please keep practising the phase 3 sounds and digraphs.

If you read Green, Orange, Turquoise or Purple books please keep practising the phase 5 alternative digraphs and split digraphs.


Other online links - these will provide links to lots of useful websites  

*Mathematics websites

Activities from White Rose:

Monday doubling song -

A song about halves and halving -


 *Reading - at least 15 minutes a day of reading

 This can be reading to yourself or an adult! If you've read all of your books at home try the Borrow Box app, if you have a library card, you can download books for free.

The link below is a free ebook website from the publishers of 'Kipper & Floppy' books. 

Here is a link to David Walliams, reading and talking about his books.

Borrow Box app - free app to download with an Essex library card - This site has provided a free login to give free access to a range of phonics resources and games which your child will enjoy. 

Free Espresso phonics games -


Phonics Play is offering a free login for everyone during this period.  It includes games and resources that your child will enjoy

This game can help your child with Phase 4 sounds

Tricky Word songs - during our phonics sessions we also learn to spell tricky word through songs. Here is a link to a variety of the songs;


Watch these webcams of your favourite animals.  You could create a diary for them, what time do they get fed? What do they eat? Where do they live?

*Topic Learning Links

*Drawing Challenge

If you enjoy drawing, try these 'How to draw' guides:

Learn how to draw the characters from 'Oi! Dog'/'Oi! Frog' illustrator Jim Field

*PE Challenges

Marathon Kids Challenges - The Marathon Kids Youtube channel will have daily challenges and games to help you stay active at home. 

'The Body Coach' Joe Wicks is creating a daily workout aimed at children.  At 9am every day, he will be posting an exercise video for children to follow; - 



If you would like to watch online classes taught by famous faces, find below the timetable of exciting and fun lessons.