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Welcome to the Year 4 Home Learning  page

On this page you can access your learning from home.

Every Monday and Tuesday you will be able to find our Home Learning Challenges.  On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, we may post some resources you might want to look back at after our virtual lessons.

Introducing.....Mr Holland!  Parents of 4GS will know that we have a new teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays, and his name is Mr Holland. He has met some of the children from the 4M/4GS keyworker bubble, and he looks forward to meeting the rest of 4GS soon. Here is a photo so that you can put a face to his name!
Introducing.....Mr Holland! Parents of 4GS will know that we have a new teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays, and his name is Mr Holland. He has met some of the children from the 4M/4GS keyworker bubble, and he looks forward to meeting the rest of 4GS soon. Here is a photo so that you can put a face to his name!

Please find some documents below that might help you connect with Teams and our Live Learning.

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Virtual Learning Resources (VR)

Please note that you can also find these resources  on Teams

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Here are this weeks activities:

Extra Idea this week

Why not take part in the online RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch ready for our bird themed Literacy unit next week.  All you need to do is spend an hour counting the birds you see in your garden or from your balcony from 29th-31st January, then tell us what you saw. It really is that simple!  You could use this information for next Monday’s Literacy task.

Visit the website for more details

Tuesday 26th January 2021




Now we have introduced our families, let’s remember how to talk about our pets in Spanish.  Watch this video to practise the pronunciation.

Then, if you want to, make a poster to remind yourself of all the different pet animal words in Spanish.  If your pet is not on the list then see if you can find out what your pet is called in Spanish and add it to your poster.

I have - tengo (ten-go)

a dog - un perro (un pe-rro)

a cat - un gato (un ga-to)

a bird - un pájaro  (un pah-xa-ro)

a rabbit - un conejo (un co-ne-xo)

a guinea pig - un conejillo de Indias (un co-ne-xi-yo de in-di-as)

a hamster - un hámster (un am-stair)

a snake - un serpiente (un sair-pi-entay)

a goldfish - un pez de colores (un peth de co-lor-es)

a tortoise - una tortuga (una tor-too-ga)

I haven't got a pet. - No tengo animales. (no ten-go an-i-mal-es)


Monday 25th January 2021



This week we are recapping how to recognise an angle and then compare it to another using the < = > signs.

Before you try today’s task watch the video and try the activities online:



Practise your spellings this week using one of the ideas from the spelling menu below:


What is a secret? Can a secret be a GOOD thing or a BAD thing? Can yo think of a time when someone told you a secret? How did it make you feel? Look at the examples on the sheet and decide if they are good or bad secrets, putting them in two lists. Can you think of any others? 

Then watch the video on good and bad secrets: “Do you have a secret?”. Afterwards, can you remember what the good and bad secrets were? Can you add to your two lists?

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 20th - 22nd January 2021

Log into Teams to join us for our virtual lessons.

Tuesday, 19th January 2021



We've swapped our Monday Methods to Tuesday Challenges.  Pick your level and have a go.  Don't forget to check your answers with a calculator.



Monday, 18th January 2021



It's time to recap some previous learning.  Try multiplying three numbers in our challenges below.  There are 3 levels to choose from and the answers are at the end so you can see ho much you've remembered.



This week, we will be learning the names of family members in Spanish.  Watch this video to practise the pronunciation of the Spanish words.

Activity – Draw members of your family and write their Spanish names along with the English words.  Use the word bank below to help you.

 Spanish Family Vocabulary Bank.pdfDownload
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PE - This week, we're working on our coordination and agility.  Practise these events, recording your achievements, then try to improve your personal best scores.


 Try something new on Hour of Code, practice your touch typing skills and/ or spend sometime on Timestable Rockstars or challenge yourself with Hit the Button.

Hour of code -

Touch Typing -

Hit the button -


Please find a list of the Year 4 spellings for this term in the list below.  You might also want to check you can spell the words from the Year 2 list correctly as well.

Why not ask someone at home to give you a spelling test.

Remember to record your score somewhere so you can improve it by the end of the half-term.  You can always send it to your teacher – just make sure they know which list you chose.

Now, practise the spellings you got incorrect using any of the methods from the spelling menu on the file.

 Spelling Lists.pdfDownload
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Everyday Activities

Please read books, magazines and comics as often as you can.  Keep a journal of what you read and record the thoughts and ideas these texts inspire.

Play Times Table Rockstars to practice your times tables

Don't forget your other maths skills! Try Hit the button to increase your speed at adding, subtracting doubling and more

Don't forget to practice your spellings!

If you need some activities to support your child's (or family's) wellbeing and mental health at home, here are some ideas to help you. We have given each day a theme, as sometimes this can help to give your week a sense of structure.  But of course, your child could pick and choose whichever activities they feel like doing! Remember, these are only optional and separate to our class learning.

Mindful Mondays: 

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Handprint doodling (see below)

Tasty Tuesdays:

  • Bake a cake or create a healthy snack
  • Write a menu for the day, or the rest of the week

Wonder-filled Wednesdays:

  • Go for a walk and find 3 interesting objects
  • Go for a walk and find as many things as you can beginning with a certain letter 

Thankful Thursdays:

  • Write down 5 things you are thankful for
  • Make a thank you card for someone 

Fab Fridays:

  • Play a board game together
  • Design your own board game
  • Make an obstacle course with cushions etc