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Jellyfish - Miss Witherington

Otters - Mrs Sparling (Mon - Thu) & Mrs Barry (Fri)

Rock Eels - Mrs Barry (Mon - Tue) & Mrs Goff (Wed - Fri)

agaWednesday - Friday:

Sea Dragons - Mrs Miller

Welcome to the Year 4 page

If your child should find themselves having to isolate due to COVID-19 but they are well enough to work, please find below a series of resources that they can use to support their learning.

Everyday Activities

Please read books, magazines and comics as often as you can.  Keep a journal of what you read and record the thoughts and ideas these texts inspire.

Play Times Table Rockstars to practice your times tables

Don't forget your other maths skills! Try Hit the button to increase your speed at adding, subtracting doubling and more

Don't forget to practice your spellings!

TOPIC HOMEWORK..  Please select 3 activities and hand in to your class teacher 

Our Topic is Roman Invasion .   

Week beginning 28/3/22



Recap your knowledge of prefixes like ir-, il-, im- and in- with these tasks.  Once you've finished, try the dictionary definition activity

Cheeky Challenge - B2-3

Chunky Challenge - List of words for recording

 B2 3 Prefix activity.pdfDownload
 List of words for recording.pdfDownload
 Prefix Word Dictionary Match-Up.pdfDownload
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Tuesday - Friday

Over the next few days you will be planning, writing and editing a story about going back in time to the Roman era.  Follow the slides below to give you a helping hand and choose the success criteria that suits you best.

 Success Criteria.pdfDownload
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Monday Maths  Test your methods with our Monday methods today.  Choose your challenge and work through the calculations, recording your work neatly and carefully.  When you're finished, check through with a calculator and make sure you have another go at any your got wrong to see if you can spot your mistake.

Maths Tuesday - Friday

Tuesday - Today we tenths on a number line. Use the video then try some of the questions in the file list.

Wednesday - Today is Roman Banquet Day.  Take this opportunity to revise Roman Numerals.  Use this opportunity to revise Roman Numerals using the links.

Thursday - Today we are looking at hundredths.  Try some of the questions in the file list.

Friday - Explore hundredths as decimals, Use the video and then ty some the questions in the file list.

 Friday WO8-Hundredths-as-decimals-2019 (1).pdfDownload
 Thursday ANS7-Hundredths-2019.pdfDownload
 Thursday WO7-Hundredths-2019.pdfDownload
 Tuesday ANS4-Tenths-on-a-number-line-2019.pdfDownload
 tuesdday WO4-Tenths-on-a-number-line-2019.pdfDownload
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Week beginning 21/3/22


 Maths Challenges.pdfDownload
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This week, we are beginning a new unit on narrative writing.  We will be showing off all the skills we have learnt over the last term.


Take  look at the information about the colosseum and imagine being there and watching some Roman entertainment.  Write some descriptive paragraphs to record what you saw, did, touched, tasted and smelt.  Use the WILFs on the power point to help you remember all things you could add in.

 Support Sentences.pdfDownload
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Practise saying your body parts in Spanish.



Find out what the Romans believed in by following this lesson.  If you want to know more, take a look at the presentation about the gods and make some noes of your own.


Tuesday - Friday




Practise your spelling of words where the /s/ sound is spelt /sc/.



Find out about roman gladiators and learn how to write complex sentences.


Today we are going to use a fantastic description of a setting to create our own.

Friday -

Revise perfect speech punctuation by watching this video and joining inn with the activities.

Week Beginning 13/3/22


Watch the videos and try out the questions in the file list below.  You can write your answers on a piece of paper and use the answer sheets to check.

Wednesday - Fractions of amounts


Thursday - Calculate fractions of a quantity


Friday - Calculate Quantities

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This Week's Literacy


In Literacy, we are currently writing persuasive letters to a Roman General to persuade him to let us join the army.

Do some research on the Roman army here, or find your own web page to explore safely:


Task1 - Make a list of what you like about the Roman army and what you are good at (e.g. hunting, aiming, swimming)  These are things you can use in your letter.

Task 2 - Use the template below to p[an out your letter.  You can make your own copy.  Try to include as much detail as you can.

Task 3 - Write your letter carefully, making sure you reread every sentence to check it has perfect punctuation and that it makes sense.  Try reading your letter out loud to someone at home - would they allow you to join?


If you need some help remembering the key features of persuasive letters, try looking through these lessons below.




Monday  Methods

Every week we practise practise methods, to help increase fluency in columnar addition and subtraction, x and divide by multiples of 10, x three numbers, short x and bus stop division.  There is plenty to practise.  Choose your challenge and use a calculator, or a different method to check your answers. 

Other Maths learning can be found on the White Rose site.  This link will take you to the relevant lessons.  





The Oak National Academy provides free online lessons for Year 4 students across a variety of UK school curriculum subjects.  This link will take you to Literacy.




Other Subjects ..... 


This term we will be learning about living things and their habitats.  

Download and view the power points then complete the learning tasks.

The first lesson focusses on sorting by a given and your own criteria and using Venn and Carroll diagrams.

The following lesson we are learning to use a classification key and focusses on identifying vertebrates by observing their similarities and differences. 

 #Lesson Presentation Grouping Living Things 2022.pptDownload
 Activity Sheet Grouping Animals.pdfDownload
 Animal Picture Sheet.pdfDownload
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 #Lesson Presentation Classifying Vertebrates 2022.pptDownload
 Activity Sheet Vertebrates.pdfDownload
 Classify vertebrates recording sheet and cut and stick.pubDownload
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Real PE

Log on and practise your skills today.  Don't forget to record your progress.

If you need some activities to support your child's (or family's) wellbeing and mental health at home, here are some ideas to help you. We have given each day a theme, as sometimes this can help to give your week a sense of structure.  But of course, your child could pick and choose whichever activities they feel like doing! Remember, these are only optional and separate to our class learning.

Mindful Mondays: 

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Handprint doodling (see below)

Tasty Tuesdays:

  • Bake a cake or create a healthy snack
  • Write a menu for the day, or the rest of the week

Wonder-filled Wednesdays:

  • Go for a walk and find 3 interesting objects
  • Go for a walk and find as many things as you can beginning with a certain letter 

Thankful Thursdays:

  • Write down 5 things you are thankful for
  • Make a thank you card for someone 

Fab Fridays:

  • Play a board game together
  • Design your own board game
  • Make an obstacle course with cushions etc