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Please remember...

We know it can be difficult to manage learning at home, especially if you have more than one child. Please do not feel pressured to complete all tasks every day - none of them are compulsory!

We know that you may not have access to enough laptops/tablets/phones/printers for your children and we are aware that many of you may be trying to juggle supporting your child and completing your own job from home. 

All we want are happy and healthy children so we just ask that you check in with us throughout the week to let us know how things are going! If there is anything we can do to help, please do drop us a message!

We love hearing from you so please stay in touch!

Daily tasks...                                                               

This is our final week of the Home Learning Challenge and we have only two days of activities! The learning for each day is displayed below with Monday being shown above Tuesday. We hope you enjoy these light-hearted tasks!


Monday 20th July

Today is our 'Year 4 Lockdown Sports Day' so grab your trainers and get some active wear on! This activity has been designed to be either done by yourself or with the whole family! Keep a note of your scores for each activity and then submit your results via the link in the document so we can see which class are the winners for each round! 

 Sports Day 2020.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 21st July

Today is our Healthy Picnic Day so think back to the work your did last week on healthy eating and get yourselves to the kitchen. With some supervision, have a go at preparing some of the healthy snacks you designed last week - can you make enough to serve your whole family? Remember to wash your hands before and after preparing food. 

Whilst you enjoy your picnic with your family, reflect back on your time in Year 4 with our reflection questions.

We hope you all have a wonderful, happy and healthy holiday and we look forward to seeing you around the school in September! Goodbye, Year 4!

 Reflecting on Year 4.pdfDownload
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Some additional activities you may enjoy at home - remember, none of the learning set is compulsory!

More activities are displayed on the Whole School Home Learning tab on the website. 


Rivers - Some resources you might enjoy that link to our 'Go with the Flow' topic.

Can you name the rivers of the world?

Try building a canal.

Take a virtual trip into the west coast estuary.

Complete some worksheets about UK and world rivers.


Self- Love Resources - To help nurture a feeling of worth, try some of these self-love resources! 

 PSHE Self Love.pdfDownload
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30 Days Wild - Take part in the Wildlife Trust's 30 Days Wild program throughout June. 

 30 Days Wild Cards.pdfDownload
 30 Days Wild Wallchart.pdfDownload
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Growth Mindset Resources - We're aware that, without their classmates and teachers around, some children are losing confidence in their own ability and are struggling to believe in their own abilities. To support this, we've put together some resources to help build a Growth Mindset. Please feel free to use these resources instead of any daily learning - wellbeing is our number one priority at the moment!

 PSHE Growth Mindset.pdfDownload
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Go With the Flow - Want to learn some more about the water cycle and rivers as part of our topic? Here are some websites with some fun ideas to try at home!

BBC iPlayer - Perhaps explore the documentaries on iPlayer with an adult for programmes that will teach you about rivers and water. 'Earth's Great Rivers' and 'Planet Earth - Fresh Water' might be a good starting point but please do this with adult supervision.

Spellings - Practise spelling the Year 3 and 4 common exception words. Try playing games with them like hangman, writing them in different ways and using them in sentences. How many of the words can you spell correctly?

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