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The Joy of Moving Festival - Wednesday 20th May at 1pm

To celebrate  #InternationalDayofFamilies, we’re teaming up with Colchester United and the EFL Trust to host the Joy of Moving Festival at 1pm on Wednesday 20th May.  All KS2 children (Years 3 to 6) and their families, please join in.  

Links to all the games are available in the booklet (click on the image below) and activates can be printed out (or jot your scores down on paper if you don’t have access to a printer). 

School Games-Multi Skills

(More suitable for KS2)

Click the cones to access this resource.

real PE

Click the Jasmine image below and then use the login details here.

Parent email:

Password: brightling

Hero workouts

Click on the images above and join Luke Skywalker, Captain America, Elsa and many more, for a hero's workout.

Marathon Kids

Click on the trainers to access these activities.

Tennis activities

Click the tennis racket above to access the site.

Joe Wicks: the Body Coach

It is going to be important to keep both mind and body active over the coming weeks, this will assist both physical health and mental well being . The Body Coach will be hosting a live P.E. lesson each day on YouTube at 9am. If the timing is inconvenient, all lessons can be viewed later on his YouTube Channel. 

Click on the image below to access this resource.

Please click on the link below to find an 'active bingo' activity, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Bingo 1


Click here, to unlock MOVE CREW, a set of 'activity missions', designed to provide 60 minutes of daily activities in a fun way.

May: National Walking Month

More details of National Walking Month



Remember to walk 2 metres apart, be careful when touching opening and closing gates - use your hand gel after touching any locks and wash your hands thoroughly when you get home. Have fun on your walk!

1.When you go for a walk see if you can find 3 different types of leaves - can you use the pictures below to identify them?


  1. Can you find a twig that looks like a letter of the alphabet?
  2. How many other people do you see on your walk?
  3. Spot someone wearing green (walking, driving or gardening).
  4. Can you spot a black car? 
  5. Can you hear different types of birds singing?
  6. Walk for 10 strides then jog for 10. Can you do this for the whole length of your favourite song from your phone.
  7. Can you spot any yellow or white flowers?
  8. Stop at a lamp post and do 5 start jumps. At the next lamp post jog on the spot for 10 seconds. At the next lamp post skip on the spot for 10 seconds.
  9. Gather some twigs and leaves during your walk so that when you get home you can create a new play area for some of your toys



  1. Can you find a fork shaped twig?
  2. How many dogs can you spot on your walk?
  3. Spot someone wearing red.
  4. Can you spot an animal print? 
  5. Can you spot 3 different types of birds?
  6. Walk for 20 strides then jog for 20. Can you do this for 2 of your favourite songs from the phone. Can this be increased to more song tracks.
  7. Can you spot three different types of flowers?
  8. Stop and do 20 start jumps, 20 high knees, 20 heel flicks and 20 lunges.
  9. Gather some twigs and leaves during your walk so that when you get home you can make a small obstacle course with twigs and leaves to create ladders for some of your toys